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Holy Guacamole! National Avocado Day is approaching

National Avocado Day takes place July 31, and there’s no better place to honor this special fruit (yes, it’s a fruit), than at Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria.

Felipe’s features fresh avocado in more than just it’s signature guacamole. When it comes to fresh avocado, the Guacamolillo sauce is a Felipe’s favorite. This spicy sauce is made from a creamy blend of fresh avocados, tomatillos, garlic, cilantro, and serrano chiles, making it the perfect accompaniment to the authentic tacos. For more fresh avocado, try the Tortilla Soup, or just add some fresh cut slices to any item for a small upcharge.
You know the drill. No matter where you go, guac is extra. You’ve heard it a million times, and by now, you’ve probably made your peace with it. Providing this is not the case, allow me to give you the lowdown — avocado prices have more than doubled in recent years due to shortages in supply and a rapid increase in demand following bad weather in both Mexico and California, where the majority of avocados are grown. There are simply not enough green goodies to go around.

Without a doubt, Felipe’s continues to prioritize fresh avocado, using an average of approximately 86,000 pounds of Hass avocados per year. So, no need to stress.

Let’s be honest, avocado toast is so last year. Hop off the bandwagon and get your Hass over to Felipe’s to celebreate avocados like a boss. #Guac&Roll




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