About Us

The Felipe’s philosophy

Our Food:

At Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria our philosophy is simple: ingredients should always be fresh and the recipes authentic. We cook all of our food from scratch continuously throughout the day. Everything we make – from the Al Pastor to the traditional guacamole to the various complimentary salsas – is prepared in small batches, guaranteeing that it is served at the peak of freshness.  Felipe’s uses all natural and traditional Mexican ingredients to bring the most healthy and authentic flavors to the plate and all of the meals at Felipe’s are made to order while you watch.  Not only do you get just what you want at a great price, you get it at lightning speed.

Our Bar:

Our bar motto is Fresh, Authentic, Creative. Watch as we fresh squeeze one of our perfect key lime margaritas right in front of your eyes. We love researching obscure Latin American cocktails as much as we love perfecting the better-known ones, and of course, we come up with some originals along the way. Just like the scratch made philosophy with our food, we also pride ourselves on making our drink components in-house and with premium ingredients. So come sit at our bar, watch the show, and let our drinks take you to another place and another time.

Our Atmosphere:

The atmosphere at Felipe’s is warm, welcoming, and friendly. Our casual restaurants pull warm design and décor influences from the colorful taquerias and cantinas throughout Mexico. From our imported hand crafted wooden chairs and bars to our colorful ceramic tiles, Felipe’s authentic, made in Mexico décor elements mirror our philosophy for authentic recipes. We hope this comfortable atmosphere welcomes you into our restaurant as if you were a guest in our own homes.  We look forward to seeing you for a quick lunch, casual dinner, or late-night snack!

Our People:

At the heart of Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria’s recipes and culture is the Herrera family with deep roots in Oaxaca Mexico.  With the Herreras, the Felipe’s team has built a culture of people who are passionate about quality food, authentic Mexican, and outstanding service.  Our often bilingual management team has origins from all over the United States and Latin America and has years of experience in almost every aspect of the food and beverage industry.  With our true passions for Mexican cuisine, scratch cooking, and peerless hospitality, the Felipe’s family attracts exceptional team members that share in this passion.

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