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Glass Production in Mexico

From our menu of Mexican specialties to our colorful décor, we go to great lengths to try to keep everything at Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria authentic. We actually take trips to Mexico and meet with artisans and carpenters to make our tables, chairs, light fixtures, tiles, art… and the list goes on.

Today, we’d like to put the spotlight on our glassware. Every one of our glasses is hand blown in Tlaquepaque, Mexico, right outside of Guadalajara.

That’s why they all look a little different, and why they’re all slightly different sizes. It’s also why we hate throwing them away. If a glass gets chipped, we file it down with a diamond-studded file we keep behind the bar so that it’s safe to drink from.

So the next time you order one of our exceptional margaritas, check out the glass and drink contentedly, knowing that your dollars are supporting hard-working local glass blowers and not a big corporate factory.
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