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Sunday, June 16th

Felipe’s and Hola Nola Tortillas

Have you ever wondered where our tortillas come from or why they’re seaux good? While the recipe is TOP SECRET, we can tell you this: we have an amazing partnership with a local tortilleria — Hola Nola!

Hola Nola is a small, local business that produces flour and corn tortillas as well as wraps. In 2012, they decided to become the first company in Louisiana to produce tortillas. After learning that most tortillas today were made using high-speed equipment and hydrogenated oils, they decided use older and slower equipment to make the tenderest tortillas possible. Hola Nola is committed to “making a better product, sourcing locally and never cutting corners like the big guys” which is why we LOVE working with them. We try our best to put only the most amazing food in your mouth, and Hola Nola is dedicated to helping make that happen.

Personally, my favorite dish is the “Plato” because it really emphasizes the freshness of the tortillas. I like to stuff my tortillas with carnitas, black beans, rice, and lots of cotija.
We hope you love our tortillas and our partnership as much as we do!




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