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Sunday, June 16th

Mexico Advances to the Next Round

Futbol Fiesta Food 1

Felipe's Mexico Flag

Futbol Fiesta Food 1

Futbol Fiesta Food 1

Despite losing to Sweden 3-0, the Mexico National Football Team will advance to the second round of the big tournament, thanks to South Korea’s shocking defeat over Germany. So, Technically, you could say that Mexico won.

The third installment of Felipe’s ¡FÚTBOL FIESTA! watch parties was a total nail-biter. What seemed like a total bust, eventually became a celebration of Mexico’s advancement, after fans realized Germany’s defeat.

Speaking of fans, let’s talk about the Sanchez family. This fiesta of four rolled in all the way from Tijuana, Mexico to join in the ¡FÚTBOL FIESTA! (kinda). The super adventurous clan actually happens to be in the middle of a cross-country road trip across the United States. They came to Felipe’s Mid-City to cheer on their home team before venturing off into New Orleans in search of some world-famous beignets.

Fort Myers Beach Opening

“Nice burritos” said Claudia Sanchez (pictured second from the left). In regards to their ¡FÚTBOL FIESTA! experience, all four members of the Sanchez family said they had a great time. Felipe’s wishes the Sanchez family well on their exciting journey, as they plan to make their next stop in Texas.

¡Viva Mexico! Stop by Felipe’s Mid-City and Naples locations to show some winning support at our upcoming ¡FÚTBOL FIESTA! watch parties.
Mid-City Fiesta:
-9am Monday, July 2
Naples Fiesta:
-10am Monday, July 2




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