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Sunday, June 16th

Zion to the Rescue

Picture this: Zion Williamson shooting hoops in Tulane University’s Yulman Stadium… only, instead of basketballs, it’s t-shirts wrapped like Felipe’s burritos, and instead of a hoop, it’s the Tulane student section, during the season kick-off game against Florida International.

Providing you were unable to envision such an outlashish scene, here’s a short video:

It all started when our Felipe’s team showed up to the game in our habitual attempt to spread the #FelipesFiesta with the Tulane student section. Everything was all fine and dandy, until our one-of-a-kind Felipe’s Burrito Gun™ (which is technically still in beta testing) decided to glitch out, putting us in a real pickle.
Luckily, we have a backup plan for these kinds of… fumbles.

We enlisted (politely asked) our close pal, Zion Williamson, along with his fellow Pelicans’ first-round picks, Jackson Hayes, Nickeil Alexander-Walker, and Tulane Basketball coach, Ron Hunter, to help toss our Felipe’s burrito-wrapped shirts into the student section. No CO2 gun needed with this crew.

Crisis averted. The student section went wild & the Green Wave defeated FIU 42-14. The end.
Muchas Gracias to Zion, Jackson, Nickeil and Coach Hunter. We really owe you all some real SUPER Burritos.
-Timmy Tacos




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