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Sunday, June 16th

Yay for Yordanka!

The Felipe’s Family is proud to congratulate Yordanka Perez on her inspiring journey to becoming a Restaurant Manager at our Gainesville location.

Yordanka’s story began nearly eight years ago when she migrated to the United States from Cuba in hopes of a fresh start. We met Yordanka in 2016 when she applied to be a prep cook, shortly before the grand opening of our Gainesville location. In her three years with us, Yordanka has mastered every kitchen position and worked her way up to becoming a Restaurant Manager.

Our entire team believes that Yordanka fully embodies The Felipe’s Way and her positivity is contagious to her team and our guests. In a few short years she developed into an amazing leader and mentor.“Yordanka fully embodies The Felipe’s Way” said Lon Nichols, Felipe’s Director of HR. “Her positivity is contagious and we couldn’t be more proud of the leader she has become.”

Yordanka says her secret to success is simple, she approaches every day with a positive attitude and works hard to improve herself during every shift. For example, when she began with the Felipe’s Family, her English was very broken. Now she converses easily and fluently with her team and guests – really quite amazing! When asked for her secret to success, Yordanka revealed that she owes it all to maintaining a positive attitude. She is also a firm believer in the idea that practice makes perfect, as she has also taken advantage of her time in the restaurant to perfect her English-speaking skills, explaining “every day I learn a little bit.”

Here’s to you, Yordanka. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making yourself better, and in turn, making our team stronger for having you. We’re excited to grow with you.Thank you, Yordanka for all of your hard work and for being an inspiration to your team and the Felipe’s Family as a whole. We are all so excited to see you thrive in your new position.

*Inspired by Yordanka’s story? Check out Felipe’s career opportunities near you.*
-Timmy Tacos




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