What Felipe’s Entree Are You?

Ever wonder what Felipe’s entree fits your personality best? Take our quick quiz to find out!
On a Saturday night, what are you most likely doing?
A. Gathering all of my friends and going to check out a new club.
B. Getting dinner and drinks with a small group of friends.
C. Staying in to catch up on work.
D. Seeing what all of your friends are doing, and choosing the plan that sounds the best.
E. Doing whatever my friends want to do!
What Felipe’s topping can you not live without?
A. Crema
B. Cheese
C. Guacamole
D. Cotija
E. Pico de Gallo

What person are you in your friend group?
A. The trendsetter
B. The leader
C. The responsible one
D. The mediator
E. The relaxed one

Your friend just spilled Felipe’s on the floor! What do you do?
A. Start making jokes to take the attention away from your friend.
B. You order a new item and bring it to your friend.
C. You help your friend clean up the mess.
D. You let someone else help with cleanup.
E. You ask your friend how you can help.

If your friends had to describe you in one word, it would be:
A. Adventurous
B. Shy
C. Hard-Working
D. Reliable
E. Honest
Tally up your answers!

If you got mostly A’s: You are a burrito! You enjoy being the center of attention and are always down to try new things. You love to mix seemingly random ingredients together, and usually it works out.

If you got mostly B’s: You are a quesadilla! While you seem shy at first, you have a spice for life that can’t be rivaled. Only your true friends really know the real you. You are a leader and excellent at keeping people together despite potential differences.

If you got mostly C’s: You are a taco! You are detail oriented, hard-working, and a bit of a perfectionist. You think that moderation is important, but that doesn’t keep you from letting loose once in awhile.

tacos-mexican-al pastor

If you got mostly D’s: You are a taco salad! You have a hard exterior, but love to have a good time. You have friends who are very different from one another because you’re excellent at combining several different flavors and mixing them all together.

If you got mostly E’s: You are a plato! You are one of a kind. You’re very versatile, and always willing to go with the flow.

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– by intern Erin




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