Our Very Own Tequila

It’s safe to assume that Felipe’s fresh rocks margaritas are a defining characteristic of the Felipe’s experience. Now, after nearly 14 years of serving up our most authentic scratch-made cocktails, the Felipe’s Family is proud to announce the introduction of our very own Reposado Tequila.

Yep, that’s right! The Felipe’s Family has decided to collaborate with the tequila experts of Corazon Reposado. Last summer, members of our team traveled to Jalisco, Mexico to visit the Corazon distillery in an effort to find the best quality and most perfect taste for our exclusive tequila. After touring the impressive distillery, learning about their process, and an essential tasting session, our team found, what we believe to be, a quality tequila. We think you’ll approve of what we’ve come up with.

Felipe's In Mexico

To us, this collaboration makes perfect sense for a few very important reasons, outside of taste, quality, and the fact that it’s exciting to have your own barrel of tequila, Corazon has an interesting story. ‘Corazón’ is the Spanish word for ‘heart’, which we find quite fitting, as our team likes to consider tequila the heart of Felipe’s margaritas. In visiting their distillery, things just felt familiar. Much like Felipe’s, this tequila empire is family-owned and operated, and the president of their company is female. Corazón is the first tequila company to be recognized as a “Great Place to Work”, having been granted the Gender Equity Model (GEM) certification by Mexico’s National Women’s Institute, and we are so proud to partner with such a well-recognized team on this branded reposado.

Want in on the action? Ask your local Felipe’s bartender for a taste and opportunity to purchase your own bottle of our limited edition Felipe’s branded Reposado Tequila. Salud!
-Timmy Tacos




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