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Sunday, June 16th

Employee Spotlight: Meet Streuby

Streuby has been with the Felipe’s Uptown team since August of 2012. We love having Streuby on the team because he never fails to make us laugh and always does his job with a smile.

  • What’s your favorite drink at Felipe’s?
    Root beer
  • What’s your favorite meal at Felipe’s?
    Chicken soft tacos with crema.
  • Who is your favorite team member to work with?
    I can’t choose one…I love working with Keidy Garcia and Higinio Herrera, who is my boss.
  • What’s the first thing you do when you get to Felipe’s?
    Clean the windows
  • What’s your favorite part of the job?
    Seeing all of the Tulane students
  • What’s your least favorite part of the job?
    Cleaning up stuff left in the parking lot
  • Do you have a favorite sports team?
    The Tulane Baseball team. When I’m not at Felipe’s, I scan tickets at the games.
  • Do you have a favorite Tulane Baseball player?
    #33 Jeremy Montalbano. He plays catcher and transferred from Texas.
  • Who is your favorite customer?
    I don’t have a favorite customer, but I do like when the Stumm girls come to visit.

Fun facts about Streuby:

  • Streuby is proud to say he has NEVER been late to work!
  • Sometimes he has to clean the tables a lot because some customers can be “pretty sloppy”
  • He has become good friends with Bobby at Elio’s, just across the parking lot

Make sure you stop by Felipe’s Uptown on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get a chance to meet Streuby for yourself!




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