Luis Solano – Restaurant Manger of the Year

El Restaurante, esteemed bilingual food publication specializing in Mexican and Latin foodservice trends, has named Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria’s Luis Solano Restaurant Manager of the Year.

Luis first joined the Felipe’s team in New Orleans in 2017 and at the time he had no plans to pursue a restaurant career but was looking for a new job as a single father of three.

“I didn’t think it was my type of job, but I soon realized it was right for me,” Solano says, adding that he heard the call for leadership his whole life and the job at Felipe’s gave him that chance to answer it. “I like to be proud of what I do.”

Impressed by his work ethic, Lon Nichols, director of human resources at Felipe’s, submitted a nomination form in support of Solano who had mastered all kitchen positions within three years and was appointed general manager of the French Quarter location in June of last year. “In my time as the HR director of Felipe’s and more than 25 years in hospitality, I have not worked with a better manager than Luis,” Nichols wrote.

Solano approaches leading his team where employees view each day as a learnable moment and are seen and heard in a fair and gentle way. “Luis is amazing, he manages his restaurant with ease, has respect from all of his team and cares for each and every one of them,” said Katie Kreubbe, the restaurant’s human resources coordinator. “Our French Quarter location is a well-oiled machine because of his skill, management style and oversight. We are lucky to have him!”




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