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Key Limes Make the Best Margaritas

Ever wonder what the deal is with the key limes at Felipe’s?

Better Tasting Limes

felipes-frozen-margarita-pitcherWe use key limes to make our margaritas because key limes are natural, they taste better, and it’s what they use in Mexico and all of Latin America.

What gringos call “limes” are more properly known as “Persian limes,” and Persian limes were actually invented by a guy in California in the late 1800s who wanted a lime that was bigger, juicier, and without seeds. He succeeded, obviously, but something was lost in the process. When you compare the two, Persian lime juice is more watered down and less flavorful than key lime juice.

Better Tasting Margaritas

Sure, squeezing key limes takes longer than squeezing Persian limes, but that’s what we’re here for. If we want to offer a Latin American craft cocktail experience, or even just an authentic one, we feel that key limes are a must, and that the extra flavor is worth the effort. If you’ve ever visited us on a busy Wednesday for $4 margaritas, you might think we’ve gone mad, fresh squeezing all of those little limes. Now you know why.

$4 Margarita Wednesdays in New Orleans

felipes-mexican-margaritas-1If you’ve never come out for $4 Margarita Day, we recommend it! Stop by any of our NOLA locations (French Quarter, Uptown, or Mid-City) on a Wednesday to try one of our fantastic margaritas for just $4. And it’s the real thing – we use the same 100% agave tequila and the same proportions as any other day.

It’s kind of our day to give back to everyone who supports us. And our margaritas are perfect with our authentic Mexican tacos – just the way they’re made on the streets of Guadalajara.




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