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Felipe’s Lenten Options

Whether you’re giving up meat or just craving some shellfish, Felipe’s has some great menu options for you to dive into during the Lent season. From lightly battered cod to local Louisiana shrimp, we know we’ll get you hooked on our fresh and authentic seafood specials.

Lent can be a challenging time. Usually, people give up something that they love but isn’t the best for them, like alcohol or sweets. Another challenge of Lent for us carnivores at the main office is giving up meat every Friday. Luckily, Felipe’s has you covered for Lent with three different menu protein options!

First, we offer fish! Our fish is a lightly battered and freshly fried cod and goes great in tacos or in a taco salad. Next, we have a battered and fried Louisiana shrimp option. Felipe’s is all about authentic recipes and fresh ingredients, and you can’t get any fresher than local shrimp from the Gulf Coast! Lastly, we offer vegetables as a protein option! Our fresh zucchini, peppers, onions, and broccoli are marinated and grilled and served with any menu option you like. If you’re in Naples, you can also order grilled fish and shrimp instead of fried!

While the fish and shrimp go great on any Felipe’s entree, we recommend them on the Baja tacos. Our Baja tacos have a light cabbage slaw, pico de gallo, and our zesty and creamy baja sauce. Try them with either fish or shrimp, because we know they’re great with both.
Lent doesn’t have to be a difficult time of year. Come to Felipe’s to celebrate making it through a hard week with any of our Lenten-approved menu items.

– by intern Erin




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