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Sunday, June 16th

Do You Know About the Burrito?

Mexican popular tradition tells the story of a man named Juan Mendez who used to have a taco street stand. Mendez used his donkey as a transport for both himself and the food. To keep his food warm, Menez would wrap the food in a large, homemade flour tortilla. This not only kept the food hot, but made it easier for customers to carry and eat on-the-go. His customers, which ventured from near and far, ended up dubbing the food the “burrito,” based off of the word “burro” which means donkey in Spanish. Because Mendez was selling from his donkey, and the burritos were thought to look like the donkey’s ears, Mendez’s loyal customers started calling the food he served “burrito” or “little donkey.”

The burrito is, most popularly, street food. From its conception, it has been a way for people to keep their food warm while they’re on-the-go. The traditional burrito contained meat, spices, vegetables, and sauces. At Felipe’s, our burritos are no different. We use only the most authentic recipes and the freshest ingredients, so that your taste buds get the best experience possible. You can choose from any of our protein options, like our spicy chicken tinga, and add on any toppings you’d like: everything from our signature guacamollio sauce to our cabbage slaw and fresh pico de gallo is fair game. Whether you’re looking to sit down and eat at our bar with a frozen margarita, or take your burrito to go and eat it during your busy day, we know it’ll be great and you’ll be coming back for more.

-by intern Erin 




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