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Celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day!

Happy National Cheese Lovers Day! On this wonderful and glorious holiday, we would like to take a minute to recognize and celebrate our two favorite cheese products: queso and cotija.

Queso dip, originating in Mexico, is a blend of cheese, spices, and peppers to create a thick sauce that can be used to dip chips or top chimichangas. We make our queso from scratch every day! Some of the most important ingredients are roasted peppers, house-made jalapenos, and Mexican Lager. There are several different types of queso, but at Felipe’s we serve queso blanco because, frankly, we think it’s the king of queso. While queso goes well on pretty much everything (ranging from Pizza to salads to pasta), we think it tastes best on Felipe’s. We think our queso perfectly complements our fresh and authentic Mexican food, and we hope you do too!

Another one of our favorite cheeses is cotija. Cotija is a Hispanic-style cheese named after the town of Cotija in Mexico. The crumbly, hard cheese is salty and often used to enhance the flavor of many savory dishes in Mexican cuisine. Here in the states, we like to use it on everything from chili to casseroles. At Felipe’s, we think it goes best on top of our fresh taco salads, tortilla soup, and flautas.

Come celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day with queso and cotija on top of some fresh and authentic Mexican food at Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria! Can’t come today? Don’t worry. Even though National Cheese Lovers Day only comes once a year, our queso and cotija are fresh and ready for your enjoyment every day. – by intern Erin  





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