Catering FAQ


What is Felipe’s Catering?

We have 2 options available; Buffet Style & Burritos – box lunch

Can I order Both Styles?

You can certainly order both styles of catering. You must hit the minimum quantities. 

What comes with catering entrees?

Buffet Style:

Everything you need to build your own fajita, taco, nacho, and or salad Buffett. Each Buffet selection includes chips, queso, and salsa. All plates, napkins, serving utensils and cutlery are included. 


Pre-Rolled with pre-selected fillings. Includes individual servings of chips, salsa and/or guacamole.

Can you customize the catering order?


Buffett Style:

You get your choice of 2 types of meat, 2 beans, and your choice of sides. Some sides have an additional cost per person associated with them.


You get your choice of fillings which include tortillas, meats, beans, and unlimited fillings. Some fillings have an additional cost per burrito associated with them.

Who should I contact if I need help with my order?

Please call the direct Catering line @ 504.609.2409 or email If we do not answer please leave a message and we will get back to you asap.

What are the portion sizes?

Taco Buffet: 2-3 tacos per person
Nacho Buffet: 6-8 ozs of nachos
Taco Salad Buffet: 4-6 ozs of salad
Fajita Buffet: 2-3 fajitas per person
Burritos: 1 burrito per person

Can I order sides individually? 

You can add sides by navigating to the bulk section. This is most commonly used to add to a buffet or burrito order.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

Delivery fees are charged based on distance/time to the location. We charge a standard $25.00 or $45.00 fee. Fees may change based on seasons. 

I need servers, can you provide them?

We do have the ability to provide servers for an additional fee per server. We will need at least a 72-hour notice to schedule them. We can provide bartenders or food servers.

I need a catering today, Can I still order?

Yes, You can order for pick up with a 1.5 hour notice.
If you need it delivered, and it’s within 24 hours, we may be able to accommodate. Please call (504.609.2409) to schedule.

Are there minimums?

Buffet Style:

Minimum of 10 (you would enter 10 in the quantity box)


Sets of 10 (Anything let than a set of 10 and we do not guarantee order accuracy)

How can I Pay?

Credit Card is the preferred method of payment. We do accept a check but you will need to call or email to set up payment arrangements.