Felipe’s Taqueria Has Your Mardi Gras Covered!

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Watch the Endymion Parade from our Patio

watch-endymion-at-felipesFelipe’s Mexican Taqueria in Mid City is one of the best places to watch the Endymion parade. Order your Endymion Patio Pass before they run out!

Get exclusive access to Felipe’s Mid City’s patio overlooking Carrollton Avenue plus a taco bar, special patio cash bar, and restrooms!

Buy Tickets NOW!

Order Felipe’s for the Parade Route

felipes-mexican-catering-burrito-lunchHungry on the parade routes? Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria is the perfect parade route food for spectators and riders alike. Check out our catering menu for ideas.

Riding in a parade this year? Place a “Grab and Go” order in advance online and we will deliver it to your float!

No matter how you order, Felipe’s is certain to spice up any parade! Call (504) 609-2409 or order online.


Felipe’s Margaritas by the Gallon

What’s the best way to experience Mardi Gras? With a Felipe’s Margarita in hand! Order our fresh-squeezed rocks or frozen margaritas by the gallon and sweeten up any parade party.

Call ahead or ask any bartender how to order!




Jairo Navarro Named el Restaurante Magazine, Manager of the Year!

The Felipe’s Family is proud to extend a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Felipe’s general manager, Jairo Navarro, for being named the 2019 el Restaurante Magazine, Manager of the Year!

Every year El Restaurante Magazine honors the best managers of Mexican/Latin restaurants around the United States. In their fourth version of their annual contest, the publishers have chosen Felipe’s very own Jairo Navarro as their 2019 first-place winner, and we could not be more proud of him.

Navarro joined the Felipe’s Family in New Orleans back in 2014, with intentions of starting out as a manager, given his extensive background in the restaurant industry. However, Jairo had a different objective. Instead of starting out as a manager, Jario requested that he work his way up through the ranks to learn all of the positions, before accepting his manager’s polo.

“My main goal is to mentor” he stated. “It all comes down to cultivating the Felipe’s values and helping my team members to believe in themselves and their work.”

After proving himself a natural leader, Navarro eventually accepted his role as manager and was tasked with helping open a new location in Slidell, Louisiana. It was here Jairo further developed his leadership capabilities, which lead to him to relocate to Naples, FL in order to assist in the opening of Felipe’s first restaurant located outside of Louisiana.

As the Fleipe’s brand continues to grow, so does Navarro’s role. Up next, he will assume the title of multi-unit general manager, overseeing restaurants around Florida.

In response to his big win, Navarro has found himself overwhelmed with the love and support pouring in from his family, friends, and team members. He admits that his recent win has motivated him to maintain his efforts as he continues to set an example for his team.

“You have to love what you’re doing to achieve great end results,” said Navarro. “I love being a part of this Family.”

We are genuinely so lucky to have Jairo be a part of our family and are so proud of the leader he has grown to be!

Congratulations Jairo, you deserve it all!

-The Felipe’s Family

Experience Día de los Muertos at Felipe’s

Join the Felipe’s Family in celebrating Dia de los Muertos with strong spirits (the cocktail kind), live music, and handcrafted and colorfully decorated Day of the Dead altars.

Felipe’s unique Day of the Dead experience kicks off on Friday, November 1st, with live musical performances at Felipe’s Mid-City, Gainesville, and Fort Myers Beach locations starting at 7 pm.

The annual Mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos relates to a time when families take time to honor and remember their deceased loved ones. No tears; only cheers – these festivities unfold as an explosion of color and life-affirming joy. In traditional settings, members of the community sample distinctive makeup and costumes, hold spirited parades and parties, sing and dance, and prepare offerings to lost loved ones.

Keeping in the spirit of the Mexican traditions, members of the Felipe’s Family have created special altars displaying handmade offerings of food, sugar skulls, decorations and photos of departed loved ones that will be on display in all Felipe’s restaurants from October 29th through November 3rd.

So, take a break from your Halloween candy coma and head on over to Felipe’s to celebrate The Day of the Dead in the most exciting and authentic way possible. #TrickOrTreatYoSelf

-Timmy Tacos

Zion to the Rescue

Picture this: Zion Williamson shooting hoops in Tulane University’s Yulman Stadium… only, instead of basketballs, it’s t-shirts wrapped like Felipe’s burritos, and instead of a hoop, it’s the Tulane student section, during the season kick-off game against Florida International.

Providing you were unable to envision such an outlashish scene, here’s a short video:

It all started when our Felipe’s team showed up to the game in our habitual attempt to spread the #FelipesFiesta with the Tulane student section. Everything was all fine and dandy, until our one-of-a-kind Felipe’s Burrito Gun™ (which is technically still in beta testing) decided to glitch out, putting us in a real pickle.

Luckily, we have a backup plan for these kinds of… fumbles.

We enlisted (politely asked) our close pal, Zion Williamson, along with his fellow Pelicans’ first-round picks, Jackson Hayes, Nickeil Alexander-Walker, and Tulane Basketball coach, Ron Hunter, to help toss our Felipe’s burrito-wrapped shirts into the student section. No CO2 gun needed with this crew.

Crisis averted. The student section went wild & the Green Wave defeated FIU 42-14. The end.

Muchas Gracias to Zion, Jackson, Nickeil and Coach Hunter. We really owe you all some real SUPER Burritos.

-Timmy Tacos

Mawi Tortillas at Felipe’s

Staying true to our mission and values, the Felipe’s Family is constantly looking for the best ways to guarantee our guests the freshest and most authentic experience as possible. In doing so, we are super excited to deliver even more authenticity through our menu in our newest partnership with the local tortilla experts at Mawi Tortillas.

Family-owned and operated since 2017 by El Salvador native, Carlos Avelar and his son, Chef Will Avelar, a former right-hand man to celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, the duo took over Mawi Tortilleria as a means to spend more time together.

Known for its fresh, artisanal tortillas, Mawi Tortilleria embodies an authentic, hands-on operation that uses its own signature corn masa blend made from combining corn flour, water and salt. The mixture is then baked to perfection in a gas-fired conveyor oven, that can only be described as downright awesome.

“A good tortilla will bring you that memory of home, like mama used to make for you,” Carlos told NOLA.com. “It’s the flavor, the texture, the color, all of it.”

That’s right. We’re talking fresh, authentic corn tortillas, made by the freshest and most authentic father-son duo #GOALS. Swing by Felipe’s to experience deliciousness that is Mawi tortillas!

-Timmy Tacos